MOJO 303 – February 2019: Noel Gallagher

New MOJO magazine stars Noel Gallagher, The Doors, Performance, a 2019 Preview, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Donny Hathaway, Prefab Sprout, Khruangbin and a 15-track alternative ’80s CD.


AFTER A YEAR OF SILENCE on the issues of the day, Noel Gallagher returns to the fray with a classic in that classic genre: the Noel Gallagher Interview. Has he gone Zen? Is he really digging Rimbaud? And what about “that p**is”, Liam? Read up, while grooving to the glistening indie sounds of our covermount CD: Swoons, tipping a cap to this month’s MOJO Interview incumbent, Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon. Also inside: The Doors’ 12 months of madness; the tragic tale of soul genius Donny Hathaway; Mick Jagger remembers Performance; Khruangbin’s Texan-Turkish-Thai fusion; The Moody Blues’ Brum trip. Plus! 2019: Your Essential Preview brings soon-come excitement from The Raconteurs, Nadia Reid, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Thom Yorke, David Bowie and more. Adding to the fun: Bob Mould, Neil Young, Julia Jacklin, Emmylou Harris, Deerhunter, Terry Callier, Sharon Van Etten, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce on Broadway and that lesser known Ramone brother, Timmy!



COVER STORY: NOEL GALLAGHER Flying solo with the architect of Oasis, a year since his last major interview. Why the critics won’t alter his course; why brother Liam won’t drag him down; what David Bowie said to him… and what the future holds.

COVERMOUNT CD: SWOONS Fifteen alternative pop gems from the 1980s, featuring Prefab Sprout, Felt, The Triffids, The Loft, The Marine Girls, Orange Juice and more!

THE DOORS The 12 months that ended in March 1969 were the LA boho-rockers’ strangest days. Dave DiMartino witnessed it all – including their most contentious hour.

PADDY McALOON Prefab Sprout’s wizard of song relives his greatest discs and strangest decisions, as his orchestral masterwork, I Trawl The Megahertz gets rebooted.

DONNY HATHAWAY The richest voice and saddest story in soul, Hathaway plunged to his death 40 years ago. Lois Wilson seeks out his colleagues to explore what music has missed.

PERFORMANCE As the defining rock’n’roll movie turns 50, MOJO pays tribute to its director, Nic Roeg, with an in-depth making-of, featuring Mick Jagger, James Fox and more.

KHRUANGBIN The word-of-mouth success of 2018: the eclectic Houston trio who turn international pop cratedigging into onstage instrumental alchemy. In wigs!

THE MOODY BLUES How the besuited R&B Brummies broke down, crashed out, turned on, and blasted off on a 5-year mission to boldly go where no rock band had gone before.

REVIEWED Buzzcocks / Bruce Springsteen / Sharon Van Etten / Aretha Franklin / Terry Callier / Steve Gunn / Green River / Deerhunter / Neil Young / Toy / Bikini Kill / Joe Jackson / Steve Mason / Fleetwood Mac / Liam Hayes / Wings / Eric Dolphy / The Goodies

PLUS 2019 Preview, featuring: The Raconteurs; Joy Division; Nadia Reid; David Bowie; Rustin Man; Woodstock / Bob Mould in Berlin / Sinatra’s granddaughter A.J. Lambert / Trevor Horn draws himself / Julia Jacklin creates intrigue / How To Buy Emmylou Harris / All Back To Tav Falco’s / Marky Ramone squeals!

NB: The passing of The Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley occurred after MOJO magazine went to press. You can read a tribute on MOJO’s web site.