MOJO 255 / February 2015

On sale from Tuesday, December 30, the new issue of MOJO features David Bowie’s 100 Greatest Songs – selected, analyzed and re-evaluated by our expert writers. It’s a cover story so big it required three collectable covers! [BUY YOUR FAVOURITE BELOW] And that’s just the beginning of our celebration of Bowie’s genius as we speak to his closest collaborators and reveal the secrets behind his great first album, The Man Who Sold The World. The Free CD provides more yet insight, with 15 songs from the artists whose influence paved the way for The Dame: David Bowie’s Heroes featuring music from Chuck Berry, Billy Fury, Frank Sinatra, The Pretty Things and more. Also in the issue: The Kinks in the ’70s, a tribute to Ian McLagan, plus R.E.M., FKA Twigs and bruising encounter with Black Flag legend Henry Rollins. Let’s dance...

MOJO 255 / February 2015


THREE COLLECTORS’ DAVID BOWIE COVERS THE NEW ISSUES features three iconic Bowie covers for your shelves. All taken by his long-term collaborator, Japanese photographer Sukita, he features in full Ziggy Stardust pomp from 1973, the “Heroes”-era Bowie is an cover outtake from 1977 and finally an older and wiser Bowie is pictured in 2002 around the release of Heathen. You might just want all three…

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FREE CD! DAVID BOWIE’S HEROES WE PRESENT THE ARTISTS whose inspiration transformed a boy from Bromley into the Starman on our 15-track covermount. Features Little Richard, Bobby Bland, Billy Fury, The Flares, Nat King Cole, The Pretty Things, Nina Simone and more.

DAVID BOWIE: THE 100 GREATEST SONGS THE DEBATE RAGED for days, the battles were fierce, but finally MOJO presents the definitive list of David Bowie’s 100 Greatest Songs, each reappraised in depth by our team of experts. Meanwhile, Bowie’s collaborators and confidants reveal his creative secrets, while Paul Trynka unlocks the significance of Bowie’s first great LP, The Man Who Sold The World.

IAN McLAGAN THE MUCH-LOVED Small Faces, Faces and Stones keyboard player passed away on December 3, 2014. Mark Paytress pays heartfelt tribute.

THE KINKS KAN YOU TRANSFORM a band of pop kroniklers into a koncept-krazed theatrikal troupe without kausing major ruktions? Pat Gilbert investigates the Davies brothers’ ’70s krack-up.

HENRY ROLLINS CHRIS ZIEGLER VENTURES behind the gates of the Black Flag behemoth’s Hollywood fortress for nine hours of extreme soul-baring. It’s intense!

15 FOR 15! FROM CLASSICAL CROSSOVERS to music movies, MOJO looks ahead to the what’s coming in the next 12 months. Starring Bob Dylan, New Order, George The Poet, Pete Townshend and Mark E. Smith (scourge of the bearded).

REVIEWED Sleater-Kinney / Gaz Coombes / Panda Bear / The Charlatans / Curtis Harding / The Waterboys / Jessica Pratt / Wu-Tang Clan / Willie Nelson / The Decemberists / Belle & Sebastian / Sparks / The Go-Betweens / Fela Kuti / Ronnie Dyson / Thelonious Monk / Simon & Garfunkel / Diplo / Brian Eno / Manic Street Preachers / The Who / Dr. John

PLUS! All back to FKA Twigs’ for an X-Ray Spex session / Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch draws himself / Madness’ Chas Smash enjoys some musical alone-time / R.E.M. recall Fables Of The Reconstruction’s, er, construction / Moe Tucker on her exit from The Velvet Underground / The Rolling Stones’ horn man Bobby Keys remembered