MOJO 278 / January 2017

The latest MOJO magazine features an extraordinary coup: the ONLY INTERVIEW with KATE BUSH as her Before The Dawn live revelation becomes a commemorative live album. It’s a unique peek into the mind and motives of one of our greatest artists and inspires this month’s FREE CD of 15 contemporary dream pop nuggets by The Anchoress, Nite Jewel, Haley Bonar, School Of Seven Bells and more. Also in the issue: we decree the 50 Best Albums Of 2016; the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones reveals the pain that drove his punk rebellion; The Band’s Robbie Robertson tells his side of a controversial tale. Plus: the madness of Oasis’s Be Here Now; the legend of James Booker; albums by the Rolling Stones, Pete Doherty and Chris Wood; and Pete Burns: the last interview...


MOJO 278 / January 2017


COVER STORY: Kate Bush As the live album of her epochal 2014 live show, Before The Dawn, hits the shelves, its star unveils the backstage thrills and spills, and offers a candid peek into the mind of a genius: “Am I a natural collaborator…? Well, as long as I have total creative control, yes.”

FREE CD: Dream Forever Inspired by Kate Bush, a portfolio of reveries, from ambient to electronic to art-pop, featuring The Anchoress, Nite Jewel, Haley Bonar, School Of Seven Bells and more.

The Best Of 2016 David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Nick Cave star in MOJO’s Review Of The Year. Includes The 50 Best Albums, Best Reissue, Film and Book. Plus: find out what stuck in Michael Stipe’s head in The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year.

Steve Jones Sex Pistols’ dirty rotter reveals how sexual abuse drove his determination to amount to something, and why he’ll never be best pals with John Lydon.

Robbie Robertson After charges that The Band’s storyteller-in-chief bilked his colleagues, a new memoir allows him to state his case. But what’s all this about an armed robbery?

James Booker The hustles, scams, beatings, assorted misadventures and, yes, piano genius of the one-eyed gay junkie Chopin of New Orleans, getting his due at last.

REVIEWED The Rolling Stones / Pete Doherty / Chris Wood / Neil Young / Jim James / Common / Dr John / Thee Oh Sees / Tim Buckley / Prince / John Cale / The Who / Crowded House / Soundgarden / Johnny Marr’s memoir / the Danny Fields documentary / Christine & The Queens and Yello live

PLUS Pete Burns: the last interview / Noel Gallagher on the madness of Oasis’s Be Here Now / Paul Weller gets political (again) / The Cure: behind the pan-stick / Moby’s Mindblowers / On the road with Billy Bragg and Joe Henry / How To Buy Arthur Russell / and the all-round jolly niceness of prog-psych-dance overlord, Steve Hillage