MOJO Issue 240 / November 2013

On sale from Tuesday, September 24, the latest issue of MOJO magazine goes large on Paul McCartney: his new album, New and the irksome fog of myth that surrounds the Beatles. The free CD, Songs In The Key Of Paul, presents power pop in the benign shadow of Macca; Flamin’ Groovies, Robyn Hitchcock, Cotton Mather, Yo La Tengo, Redd Kross and Squeeze pitch in. Also in the issue: Roger Taylor on Queen, Freddie, and Sacha Baron Cohen; Lou Reed; Earl Sweatshirt; and the new Arcade Fire album.  ORDER THIS ISSUE HERE   SUBSCRIPTION OFFER! Get two years of MOJO for the price of one.

MOJO Issue 240 / November 2013


FREE CD! SONGS IN THE KEY OF PAUL: 15 tracks of McCartney inspired power pop perfection. Includes: Flamin’ Groovies, Robyn Hitchcock, Cotton Mather, Yo La Tengo, Redd Kross, Squeeze and more!

PAUL McCARTNEY: Out on Long Island, the lad himself opens a bottle of wine, and speaks to Pat Gilbert about his remarkable new album plus the vivid highs and “crappy” lows of an extraordinary life.

ROGER TAYLOR: The playboy rocker king in the court of Queen discusses Freddie Mercury, “designer” songs, “awful” punk and an aversion to musical theatre with Mark Blake.

VIRGIN AT 40: With little interest in music, Richard Branson somehow launched a great British record label. Mat Snow wonders how that happened.

LOU REED: “Fuck you!” says Lou, as Mark Paytress asks him about his revolutionary ’70s style. Photographer/collaborator Mick Rock stays cool.

EARL SWEATSHIRT: Paul Lester talks Joy Division, GG Allin and jaw-dropping rap genius with the Odd Future prodigy.

LOST WOMEN OF FOLK: Shelagh McDonald returns from the wilderness. Mike Barnes catches up. Plus: Andrew Male tracks down Judy Dyble and Linda Perhacs.

REVIEWED: Arcade Fire / Anna Calvi / Prefab Sprout / Kathryn Williams / Jason Isbell / Linda Thompson / John Martyn / Elvis / The Band / William Onyeabor / Pearl Jam / Jonathan Wilson / Gary Numan / Peter Gabriel / Willie Nelson / Van Morrison / Graham Nash / Oneohtrix Point Never

PLUS: All back to Molly Ringwald’s / Bye-bye George Duke / Sammy Hagar betrayed by Van Halen / Pixies re-make/re-model / Max Romeo gets back in the game / Neko Case vs The Bullies / Goodie Mob patch it up / Paddy McAloon creeps into the open / Soul II Soul recall rebooting British black music.