MOJO 242 / January 2014

On sale from Tuesday, November 26, the latest issue of MOJO magazine lifts the lid on the making of Arcade Fire's remarkable Reflektor and looks back on the unique life and times of the great Lou Reed. The free CD, 2013 The Best Of The Year, presents the finest songs of the last 12 months by Primal Scream, Bill Callahan, Deerhunter, John Grant, Low, Goldfrapp, Charles Bradley, Billy Bragg and more. Also in the issue: our MOJO 20 anniversary series continues with an exclusive interview with Motown legend Smokey Robinson, we hit the road with Primal Scream, look back at the punk promise of The Ruts and present our Review Of The Year featuring the 50 Best Albums Of 2013 and The Best Thing I've Heard All Year.  CLICK TO BUY THIS ISSUE ONLINE / TO BUY ALTERNATE LOU REED COVER (see below)

MOJO 242 / January 2014


MOJO’s alternate cover. Lou Reed presides over subscriber and international issues.

International and subscriber issues of the new MOJO feature alternate cover star Lou Reed, the rock’n’roll titan who sadly died on October 27. There will also be a short run of Lou Reed covers available in HMV stores in the UK and also through Click to buy this version now.


FREE CD! 2013 The Best Of The Year: MOJO presents the year's finest tunes by Primal Scream, Bill Callahan, Deerhunter, John Grant, Low, Goldfrapp, Charles Bradley, Bill Bragg and more.

ARCADE FIRE: From Haiti to Jamaica to Miami, Keith Cameron follows the paths that led Win, Régine and team towards the remarkable Reflektor.

LOU REED: Mark Paytress, the last journalist to interview Lou Reed in the UK, presents an intimate portrait of the man and his unique impact on modern music.

MOJO 20 SMOKEY ROBINSON: Continuing our 20th anniversary series, the soul poet looks back on writing Shop Around, his first Number 1.

PRIMAL SCREAM: Pat Gilbert gets an on-the-road history lesson on the wild chemical past and positive future of this still-sustaining band of brothers.

BEST 0F 2013: Daft Punk, David Bowie, Bill Callahan, Bob Dylan… MOJO looks back on the year’s highs. PLUS: Jimmy Page, Tricky, Paul Weller, Kim Gordon and more on The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year.

THE RUTS: They promised a new wave of militant punk activism, but their singer discovered heroin. Andrew Perry finds out what was lost.

REVIEWED: Eminem / Toy / Goat / Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones / Nick Lowe / MIA / Allen Toussaint / The Velvet Underground / Paramount Records / Howe Gelb / Jimi Hendrix / Ry Cooder / Neil Young / Morrissey / Ray Davies / James Booker / Thelonious Monk / Kings Of Leon / Bright Phoebus and more.

PLUS: All back to Neil Gaiman’s / Farewell, Philip Chevron / The Beautiful South’s life and demise / Africa Express’s new freedom ride / Brian May’s Visions Of Hell / In the studio with Broken Bells / Holgar Czukay’s Self Portrait / Frank Sinatra Jr.’s Mind Blowers / Mary J. Blige talks Christmas, Soul II Soul and ’80s rock.


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