Golden Years! MOJO Celebrates David Bowie With A Special Issue

“HE TOLD US to make our own rules, and then he threw his own rules away again and again. It was that sense of constant change that seemed so exciting!” So declares Siouxsie Sioux as she joins MOJO this month in commemorating the life and work of David Bowie. The cover of MOJO #268, on sale in the UK now.

Alongside a host of tributes from those who knew him and some whom he inspired, Bowie’s closest collaborator and confidant, Tony Visconti, speaks candidly about the final year of intense creativity that produced the stunning ★ – and more – as we look again at Bowie's final artistic statement.

Plus we take heart from Bowie’s own words and observations, dipping back into the issue of MOJO he guest-edited in 2002.

Additionally, The Dame’s continual change and transformation is charted through a (self-captioned!) gallery of his most iconic images, while author Jon Savage presents a selection of music that truly reflects the scope of those many moods, facets and stylistic switches.

The issue also includes a special visual tribute in the form of exclusive Bowie art prints. One is a reprint of the cover of his guest-edited issue, while the other side features our bespoke Ziggy Stardust portrait created from images of his greatest record sleeves. See both below.

Copies of the new MOJO are on sale in the UK now, or can be ordered online, wherever you are in the world.